Scion annual report released

Wednesday 18 Oct 2017

Last week, Scion issued its annual report for the 12 months ending 30 June 2017 presenting a successful year for the Rotorua-based Crown research institute.

Chair Tony Nowell says Scion’s 70-year legacy of delivering science impact gives the institute the confidence to think boldly about the future. “We firmly believe in forestry. Indeed, we see the power of trees as a renewable resource, coupled with our science capabilities, meeting the market needs of a low-carbon bio-based economy. “I am excited by Scion’s unique contribution to shaping a truly sustainable future for New Zealand. In our annual report, we are proud to present some of the past year’s achievements that are stepping us towards our vision as we help unleash the power of forestry to deliver prosperity from trees.” Mr Nowell said a special highlight of the year was Scion’s partnership with Ngati Whare to co-develop a novel propagation technology for indigenous trees. Now Ngati Whare is using the technology in its new state-of-the-art commercial nursery in Minginui, which will be opening local employment and economic opportunities as demand for indigenous forestry increases.

Another highlight of the year were the awards received recognising Scion’s environmentally- friendly LigateTM bioadhesive. In a world first, the Scion bioadhesives team developed 100 per cent bio-based adhesives and resins that could replace formaldehyde-emitting adhesives.

Made from natural sources, including forestry and agricultural waste, these bioadhesives and resins are petrochemical-free, have very low formaldehyde emissions and can be made and used in existing manufacturing operations. With an increasing interest in sustainable alternatives in the global wood adhesives market the opportunity for this environmentally friendly glue to become commercially successful is very promising.

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