Timely report on forestry R&D in USA

Wednesday 18 Oct 2017

Independent commission in USA recommends new approaches to forest sector research - Report details changes needed to focus direction, advance forest health, and rebuild nation’s competitiveness

A report just released by the Commission on Forest and Forest Products Research and Development in the USC) for the US Endowment for Forestry and Communities (Endowment), calls for changes in the way forest and forest products research is addressed.

“After more than a year of study and deliberation, five members of the commission team have completed their work and released their findings,” said Endowment President & CEO Carlton Owen. “On behalf of the Endowment and all who are concerned about the health and productivity of our nation’s precious forests, as well as the myriad benefits they provide from drinking water to vital wood and paper products, we want to thank the members of the Commission for their hard work and insightful recommendations.”

Among the report’s findings are that forest sector R&D in America is unfocused and underfunded. To address shortcomings the BRC recommended changes and enhancements to spur innovation including:

    1. Development of a “national” R&D plan across USDA Forest Service, National Institute of Food and Agriculture, National Science Foundation, and the Department of Energy along with forest sector input that avoids wasteful duplication and sets a clear direction for the future;

    2. Institution of a new model where federal scientists serve more as team leaders engaging privatesector, university, and federal researchers to increase speed, flexibility, and delivery of needed solutions.

“The timing of this report is perfect as the Administration is highlighting the importance of natural resources to achieve rural prosperity. Forest and forest products research and development are key to achieving that vision,” said Ann Bartuska, Vice President for Land, Water, and Nature Programs at Resources for the Future.

Source: www.usendowment.org

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