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Marketing and Sales

Forestry and Timber products (Senior) Business and Marketing Manager (East Africa) – (senior role reporting to Group CEO)
Company/Location: Johannesburg South Africa

Jobs Description:
New Business and Marketing Manager (East Africa Forestry and Timber Products) – reporting to Group CEO
Reporting to the Group CEO , our client, a sustainable, socially responsible forestry and timber products business with plantations in various jurisdictions including Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda is seeking an experienced Sales and Marketing Manager to drive sales revenue identifying new markets, developing of sales and marketing strategies for the overall group and each country in accordance with the goals and objectives of the Company.

Job Purpose
In collaboration with Group CEO, drive sales and marketing expertise and improved routes to market throughout the business, including new product development and sales.

Leverage their East African platform regionally and capitalise on cross-Group synergies. Increase business value and growth via the following streams of work:

a) Drive new routes and expand existing to market throughout our forest products business chain;
b) Develop and maintain sales and marketing talent in the subsidiaries;
c) Create Group and Territory Sales and Marketing Plans;
d) Lead the market shaping agenda through political interactions; legislative and regulatory bodies, cross border logistics/customs across the EA Region;
e) Develop cross border trade opportunities;
f) Enhance the companies market intelligence and data and author the company’s marketing reports;
g) Develop a strategy and relationship for international exports of value-added products.
h) Develop a clear strategy for distribution channels – explore wholesale/retail opportunities and potential J-Vs with large timber trading commercial entities;
i) Investigate, analyse and propose business development across the East Africa Region;
j) Involvement in specific initiatives identified by the Group CEO and Board from time to time e.g. acquisitions.

Ensure business growth through gathering and analysing market information, and driving, directing and growing sales and marketing and commercial activities to ensure these are delivered in accordance with the organisational strategy as agreed by Group CEO, Board and Exco.

For more info
Contact: Robin Perks
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +27836099990
mobile: +27836099990

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