Subscribers: Don't miss out from 30 November

Wednesday 8 Nov 2017

As you, our loyal subscribers may be aware, if you are using email services from Vodafone in New Zealand, their decision to discontinue those services after 30th November 2017 may impact your WoodWeek or Friday Offcuts service.

What you may not be aware is many other providers ultimately use the Vodafone system. These include:,,,,,,, and

If your email services are managed by your employer or IT services in your company, then you probably do not need to do anything.

If you manage your own email services directly, you may be affected by this change so you could consider changing to another provider such as Google and Microsoft. For absolute certainty to ensure you don't lose your current WoodWeek subscription you may well have to look at changing the email address through which you are currently receiving your weekly wood news from us.

As the changeover is coming soon … yes, 30 November … if you are using an email address linked to the Vodafone service, the easiest way will be for you to continue to receive this newsletter is to unsubscribe to the current newsletter (just beneath the editorial) with your current address and then re-subscribe with your new email address.

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