Tesla poised to release new electric heavy vehicle

Wednesday 15 Nov 2017

Tesla has sent out the invites to its ‘Tesla Semi’ unveiling event in Hawthorne on 16 November and with the invites, it released a new teaser image. With the teaser image sent out with the invites, Tesla is referring to it as ‘the Tesla Truck’ instead of ‘Tesla Semi’ as they used to call it.

Tesla’s electric truck prototype was first spotted last month and videos of the automaker’s truck test mule emerged after that.

Aside from the design and Musk teasing a few record-breaking specs in terms of torque and handling, not much is known about Tesla’s latest product. Last month, Musk boasted that the truck has better specs than anything that was suggested in the media to date.

Over the past few months and weeks leading up to Tesla’s unveiling, several other companies have unveiled new electric truck prototypes. Cummins unveiled its first prototype electric truck, VW announced a large $1.7 billion investment to bring electric trucks and buses to market, and just last week Daimler unveiled a heavy- duty all-electric truck concept with ‘up to 220 miles’ range.

While Tesla is also only expected to unveil a prototype, the company has expressed some serious intentions to bring the truck to volume production within the next 2 years. The event should also prove interesting for another reason. At the Tesla shareholders meeting this summer, Musk teased “some unannounced” features to be unveiled at the event. We’ll keep you updated.

Source: electrek.co

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