Tier 4 engines for John Deere 900 series

Wednesday 6 Dec 2017

John Deere equips certain tracked carriers with Final Tier 4 engines - The 900M-Series tracked feller bunchers and 900MH-Series harvesters have the new engines.

With the required emissions change, John Deere indicate that their FT4 engines maintain power density, torque, and transient response; resulting in improved productivity, uptime, and more value for the machines. Fuel economy has improved and the design of the engine after-treatment system results in low Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) usage. Deere state that one can no longer just talk about the improved fuel consumption of the FT4 final engines, but one must refer to overall fluid economy. If less fluid is used, there is less handling and storage requirements.

John Deere has also made changes to the machine line-up, and improved the structure, design and horsepower on select machines. John Deere offers three 900M-Series tracked feller buncher models, the 903M, 953M flat bottom and 959M leveling machines, as well as two 900MH-Series harvesters, the 953MH flat bottom and 959MH leveling machines. All of the 900M-Series and 900MH-Series machines feature a redesigned engine enclosure, improving structural strength while maintaining good serviceability. In addition to all of the 900M-Series and 900MH-Series machines now having 330 horsepower (224 kW), the 959M feller buncher and 959MH harvester continue to have a good leveling envelope, maximizing operator comfort and performance requirements in demanding steep slope logging applications.

Other updates include an improved LED work lighting option, and the expansion of the Disc Saw Felling Head option availability. This includes the 22-inch (56 cm) felling head, which is now available for all of the 900M-Series tracked feller bunchers. The John Deere M-Series and MH-Series machines are available with JDLink™ five years in base. JDLink remotely connects owners and managers to their machines and dealers, providing alerts and machine information to better manage where and how equipment is used.

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