Finnish forestry folks make music with machines

Wednesday 13 Dec 2017

You've got to love those hard-working Finns - If you've ever been to a European logging show you might have met one of their hard working forestry men or women from Finland. Well this year as they are celebrating 100 years of independence those hard taskmasters took some time out to use their bright yellow forest machines to break out into joyous song.

You'll need to know a bit more than we do about the Finnish culture to understand the tune but hey, when a man decides to sing in the forest - you've gotta stop and listen right?!

Over to you to listen and decide for yourself.


A Tribute to Finnish work ? for Finland's 100 years of independence

Our country turns 100 years on the 6th of December 2017. When foreigners are asked to describe the people of Finland, two words usually pop up: hard-working and humble. Maybe that’s why 52% of us Finns think that we could be prouder of our work [1]. We wanted to remind us to celebrate the crazy, creative, innovative and persistent work of each and every Finn of the past, present and future.

Click here for the experience:

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