Forestry trainer highlights misunderstandings

Wednesday 7 Feb 2018

The mainstream media often use sensationalism to get stories read online ahead of the facts. However, last week a Toi-Ohomai tutor received some good coverage when he sought to reveal that the public and prospective new workers don't understand how highly developed safety systems are in forest workplaces.

Here is a bit of what he said that was well-reported:
One of New Zealand's biggest industries is facing a boom, but skilled workers are thin on the ground.

Forestry experts in Marlborough say the industry has been branded with an undeserved reputation for poor safety practices; putting potential employees off signing up.

Toi-Ohomai Institute of Technology tutor and former forestry worker Jason Gillespie says technological advances and better safety procedures have helped make the sector safer than ever before.

And he says the industry is in desperate need of skilled workers as it faces a boom in business.

"Most people have no idea what's involved and health and safety is very different to what it used to be; it's the most important part of what we do. If everyone follows the procedures that are in place then there wouldn't be any problem."

"These days, no-one is allowed in the forest without a radio, everyone has one ... each site does extensive training in escape routes. All our students are taught about safety," says the Blenheim-based trainer.

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Source: Stuff businessday

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