Forest Safety & Technology Conference

Wednesday 14 Feb 2018

FIEA’s Forest Industry Safety & Technology conference is scheduled for 8th August in Rotorua and 15th August 2018 in Melbourne. This conference is focussed on the needs of forestry contractors, managers, owners, health & safety leaders, harvest planners, transport operators, safety technology innovators and government representatives.

We are working closely with a wide range of international specialists, service suppliers, researchers and government bodies to develop a strong and innovative programme. Feedback from previous events is a key driver as well. A focus group will be formed to guide our speaker choices.

If you are keen to be a speaker at our conference and you are an early adopter, developer, innovator, technology supplier, service provider or researcher within the forestry sector specifically around safety, our conference team would like to hear from you. Also make contact if you are keen to be part of our focus group deciding where the emphasis of the program should be.

The 2018 Forest Industry Safety & Technology conference will include sessions based around:
  • Reaching the optimal safety in the forest: are we there yet?
  • What areas of safety prevention have the greatest effect inside and outside the forest gate
  • Technology developments: what’s new and working well?
  • Techniques and cultural factors delivering results in improved safety performance

If you are interested in being considered as a speaker, or would like to recommend an early adopter, case study or international expert, please contact John Stulen in the FIEA Rotorua office.

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