Canada research on Lidar updated

Wednesday 7 Mar 2018

A model development and application guide for generating an enhanced forest inventory using airborne laser scanning data and an area-based approach Airborne Laser Scanning data — also known as Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) — enables the accurate three-dimensional characterisation of vertical forest structure.

Airborne Laser Scanning data have proven to be an information-rich asset for forest managers, enabling the generation of highly detailed digital elevation models and the estimation of a range of forest inventory attributes (eg, height, basal area, and volume).

Good practice guidance synthesises current knowledge from the scientific literature and practical experience to provide non-experts more detailed information about complex topics.

With this guide, the objective is to inform and enable readers interested in using Airborne Laser Scanning data to characterise, in an operational forest inventory context, large forest areas in a cost-effective manner.

To download the guide go to the Canadian Forest Service bookstore:
English guide
French guide

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