Shane and the billion trees - indepth

Wednesday 7 Mar 2018

Following last week's flurry of news on the tree planting plans being announced and cooperation by various industry organisations we have an in-depth interview by Radio New Zealand with Shane Jones.

Kathryn Ryan speaks to the minister responsible for planting a billion trees in ten years - Shane Jones, following questions on what to plant, where and who will decide. This follows urgent calls from environmentalists for natives to play a major part in a comprehensive plan which they say does not yet exist, but which needs to be implemented before planting starts this winter.

In unveiling the Provincial Growth Fund in Gisborne in late February, Shane Jones said the $ 1billion tree-planting programme is already underway. Fifty-five million trees are being planted this year, with 70 million planned next year and 90 million in 2020.

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