Scotland - Bid to halt abolition of forestry body

Wednesday 7 Mar 2018

A last ditch attempt is being made not to abolish the Forestry Commission in Scotland on the eve of its centenary.

A Scottish government bill to make forestry a government department will go through its final stages at Holyrood on Thursday.

But many in the sector say it is a bad move which will see the loss of decades of forestry experience. They have written to MSPs this week urging them to vote against the bill.

George Anderson from the Woodland Trust feels that losing Forestry Commission Scotland would be a mistake.

He said, "We feel that the Forestry Commission in Scotland has been an amazing brand which is so well known. Even within the circles of land management, everyone knows who the Forestry Commission is and it's really foolish to turn your back on that kind of brand recognition.

"It's built up a huge amount of expertise and is now doing a tremendous job in what is a billion pound industry for the country and we just feel it will be really careless to lose that."

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