EPA: Feedback on possible new fumigant

Wednesday 14 Mar 2018

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in New Zealand is seeking submissions on a possible new fumigant for logs and timber as an alternative to methyl bromide.

Czech-based firm Draslovka, has applied to the Environmental Protection Authority seeking an approval to import ethanedinitrile for release in New Zealand.

According to 2015 data, New Zealand is the world’s fifth-highest user of methyl bromide. The Ministry for Primary Industries estimates 90 per cent of this use relates to disinfesting export logs and timber.

Following a reassessment in 2010 the Environmental Protection Authority announced that by 2020 methyl bromide fumigations for logs must use recapture technology to reduce the amount discharged into the atmosphere.

Click here to: • View application details and information (https://www.epa.govt.nz/database- search/hsno-application-register/view/APP202804?accordion- anchor=Application%20documents )
• Make a submission (https://www.epa.govt.nz/public-consultations/open- consultations/new-fumigant-for-logs-and-timber/ )

Public submissions on this application close at 5pm, Thursday 12 April 2018.

For further information contact [email protected]

What we do: The EPA sets the rules for use of hazardous substances under the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act 1996 by assessing the environmental and economic risks and benefits to New Zealanders and the environment.

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