Huge growth in Japan's wood exports

Wednesday 18 Apr 2018

Japan’s wood export in 2017 - Total value of wood products’ export was 32.6 billion yen, 37% more than 2016. By items log export was 970,000 cbms, 49% more than 2016 and lumber was 130,000 cbms, 49% more. Wood export started increasing since 2013. Total value in 2013 was 12.37 billion yen then it increase by three times in 2017 with total value of 32,648 billion yen.

The largest factor of the increase in 2017 was log export particularly for China. Value of log export to China in 2017 was 10.3 billion yen, 84% more.

Volume of log export was 780,000 cbms, 62% more. An average value per cbm was 13,271 yen as compared to 11,701 yen in 2016, 1,570 yen more in 2017.

Log export to Korea in 2017 was 130,000 cbms, 29% more with the value of 2.3 billion yen, 22% more. Since Korea buys heavy to cypress, an average value per cbm was high at 17,384 yen.

Log export to Taiwan decreased in volume but the value increased. An average unit price per cbm was 16,000 yen, 3,084 yen more.

Lumber export increased for two straight years by both volume and value. Main markets of China, Philippines, Taiwan and Korea increased the volume then cedar fence lumber for the U.S. market increased by four times by shortage of North American red cedar supply and soaring prices. Rough lumber with dark red color is preferred.

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