Soil Health Survey

Wednesday 13 Jun 2018

Scion is currently canvassing opinions from a wide range of forest users, from plantation owners through to recreational users and timber/wood processors, on the importance of specific soil ecosystem services. Given the extent of plantation forestry in New Zealand, and therefore the importance of plantation forests in New Zealand’s landscapes, we hope to obtain as many views as possible.

As such, Scion invites you to complete the survey and pass this invitation to others ( who may have an interest or viewpoint.

Because we appreciate the 10 minutes it may take to complete this survey, all who participate can go in a draw to win a $200 gift voucher. The winner of the gift voucher will be randomly selected from those participants who chose to leave a contact.

Please keep in mind this survey and our efforts are focused on soils under plantation forestry and woodlots, not native bush. We are looking for input from forest owners, forest managers, landowners, land managers, timber/wood processers, and recreational forest users (hunters, trampers and fishermen).

If you have any questions about the project or the survey, please contact Mathis Richard, Steve Wakelin, or Graham Coker.

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