New wood product to cut plastic waste

Wednesday 27 Jun 2018

Stora Enso is wood’s contribution to reducing plastics with wood is a new product called Durasense. Imagine if you could transform your products from everyday to exceptional. Well, you can with wood fibre biocomposites – simply by increasing the share of renewable content in plastic products.

To make our biocomposite granules, we combine wood fibres, polymers and additives in a way that forms a strong bond. We then form the resulting material into granules that are easily dosed for processing by injection moulding.

These biocomposites combine the fantastic properties of both plastic and wood. It provides the mouldability and performance of plastic with the appearance and workability of wood in a strong and more sustainable product made from up to 60% renewable resources.

DuraSense is available to companies seeking high performance and a sustainable, bio-based alternative to plastics. Together we can make products of beauty, strength and durability with little or no change to existing injection moulds or production techniques but with a positive change to carbon emissions.

With DuraSense, it is also possible to combine fibres with recycled or bio-based polymers to further enhance environmental values.

Benefits of DuraSense™ include:
• Strong and durable like wood, yet mouldable like plasticsResistant to moisture and bacteria A good sound barrier
• Adjustable properties open up new design opportunities with easy processability, and reduced cycle time
• Potential to get products that can be recycled or reused in new composite materials
• Can replace many general-purpose plastics without compromising product properties
• Can be used in existing injection moulding equipment without major modifications
• Better price stability compared with most plastic polymers
• Lowers your carbon footprint with up to 80% vs. virgin polymers
• Can be used in combination with recycled plastics
• Attractive life cycle performance compared with virgin materials
• Raw material is from a renewable resource from sustainably managed Nordic forests, certified according to FSC and PEFC Chain of Custody

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