China: Lumber imports from Finland surge

Wednesday 27 Jun 2018

Is sawn lumber filling gaps in Chinese markets - Substantial growth in 2017 sawn softwood imports from Finland China’s 2017 sawn softwood imports surged 41% to 25.05 million cubic metres, accounting for 67% of total softwood sawnwood imports. The average price for imported sawn softwood was US$195 per cubic metre, up 10% year on year.

Russia still was the main sawn softwood supplier to China in 2017 and China’s sawn softwood imports from Russia rose 32% to 14.28 million, accounting for 57% of the national total.

With the Finnish government and Finnish Sawmills Association implementing a “Wood from Finland” promotion programme , their sawn softwood exports to China accelerated to a year on year increase of 88%. China’s sawn softwood imports from Brazil, the US and Ukraine also surged.

The average prices for imported sawn softwood from Finland, Brazil and Germany declined 3%, 4% and 4% respectively.

Source: ITTO Market Report June 2018

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