... and almost finally ... going bananas in Gisborne

Wednesday 27 Jun 2018

Nothing to do with forestry except for the coincidence that bananas do, in fact, grow on trees. For a bit of light relief before today's joke, comes this actual media release from the NZ Taxpayers Union:

Gisborne set to secede, form banana republic - The Government is engaged in literal banana republicanism as it uses taxpayer money to start a banana industry in Gisborne, says the New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union.

“We know this sounds bananas, but it’s true,” says Taxpayers’ Union spokesman Louis Houlbrooke. “MBIE is spending $93,000 of taxpayers’ money to establish a banana industry in Gisborne.”

“There are very good reasons New Zealanders eat imported bananas. Our weather puts us at a hopeless economic disadvantage when it comes to growing tropical fruit.”

“While it may be technically possible to grow bananas in Gisborne, it should be done at the risk of private investors, not based on taxpayer subsidies. It’s also possible to build igloos in Gisborne – but taxpayers aren’t asked to fund that.”

“This is the type of corporate welfare spending Innovation Minister Megan Woods should be eliminating in favour of more essential services.”

“Last week we accused the Government of banana republicanism for throwing money at a Ruapehu gondola, but this takes the (banana) cake.”

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