Forests and farm generating top exports

Wednesday 4 Jul 2018

Export success from forests and farms continues - Overall exports were up $509 million (10 percent) to $5.4 billion, with meat exports having the largest increase. So, exports in May were the second highest for any month. The highest exports total was $5.5 billion in December 2017.

Forest products had the second-largest increase in exports, up $99 million (26 percent) to $477 million. The largest increases were to China, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

Lamb exports were the biggest contributor to the rise in meat, with value up $89 million (32 percent) and quantity up 22 percent. Exports of lamb were up to all major markets, including China and the European Union. Beef exports were up $16 million (4.5 percent) to $359 million, with more exports to China. This increase was partly offset by a fall to the United States.

Source: Statistics New Zealand

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