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Wednesday 4 Jul 2018

CLT for China-Canada Cooperation Industrial Park project building - (China) On 9 May, the Sanming City Youxi County Overseas Chinese News Agency signed a contract with the China-Canada Cooperation Green Modern Wood Structure Industrial Park project with a total investment of 1.5 billion yuan.

Ms. Bai Jingfang, Consul General of Canada Consulate in Guangzhou, Wiat Girard, President of Lauzon-dv Group of Canada, Lin Hanbing, Foreign Affairs Office of Provincial Government, Zhang Yuanming, Vice Mayor of Sanming City, and Liao Jinhui, County Magistrate of Youxi County attended the signing ceremony.

It is understood that the China-Canada Green Modern Wood Structure Industrial Park will be established by the Canadian Lauzon-dv Group and Fujian Jingye Tianzhu Construction Co., Ltd. The industrial park will be located in Yangzhong Town, Youxi County, with a planned land area of 300 mu. Wood structure construction demonstration park, green building industry research and development base, green building industry testing and certification base, production and processing base, wood structure construction Expo park, green leisure camping park, international exchange center, training centre, etc.

The “China-Canada Center” building in the industrial park is planned to be 12 stories high, 70 meters high and 12,000 square meters in total. The bottom and core tube are reinforced concrete structures, and the upper part is made of orthogonal glued wood structure and laminated wood structure. The building is expected to cost 265 million yuan and will be completed by the end of the year. By then, the building will become the tallest pure timber structure in the country.

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Source: ITTO May Report

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