Southstar’s new virtual reality experience

Wednesday 8 Aug 2018

Tree felling like you’ve never seen it before – At this week’s FIEA Forest Safety & Technology Conference delegates will see mechanised tree felling and processing closer than ever before thanks to a recent ‘virtual reality’ innovation from Southstar Equipment.

Southstar Equipment Engineering Manager Jeremy Disher says, “We’ve got an exciting visual experience for delegates to see. With a set of virtual reality goggles on, they can look in every direction while our head is working and they are seeing every aspect of the operation from closer than ever before.”

“People are amazed at how close the action is when they have the VR headset on. This new technology lets them look closer than anything that would be possible in real life. The added bonus is they can look up or down; forwards or backwards while the unit is operating.”

The FIEA Forest Safety & Technology Conference is bringing the latest tools, techniques and technologies for improving both safety and productivity to forest harvesting operations. Over 200 delegates from the length and breadth of New Zealand’s forest industry are attending.

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