NZ: Forestry on FaceTV & Sky

Wednesday 15 Aug 2018

Telling our story on television is long overdue. Don Carson from the Forest Owners Association in New Zealand has 10 episodes, each of 30 minutes duration planned for FaceTV – Sky Channel 083. The first in the series played Wednesday last week. In another episode Forest Call, Don Carson talks with Forestry Minister Shane Jones, where advancing technology in steep land harvesting is showcased.

FaceTV on the Sky Network and On Demand is a national broadcaster and video production facility. It’s a niche, targeted video platform enabling video to be broadcast nationally on Sky TV, online and on social media platforms.

Future issues planned include:

Episode 2: biodiversity in plantation forests, falcon and kea, and the Scion fire fighting research tools

Episode 3: is devoted to careers and training

Episode 4: modern engineered wood products and showing off construction of the Beatrice Tinsely wooden building at Uni of Canterbury, and

Episode 5: looks at the Dryland Eucalypt programme and indigenous tree species and commercial potential.

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