Scion Log Price Outlook

Wednesday 22 Aug 2018

In May, 58 people from across the New Zealand forestry products supply chain participated in this outlook. They represent a substantial component of the NZ forestry industry. Log price outlooks remain stable. For the third quarter in a row, participants expected little immediate movement in log prices and anticipated a slightly higher future pricing.

Volumes were also expected to be relatively consistent with perhaps a 5% increase over the next 6 months. However, various participants expressed concern that harvesting crews, transporters and port infrastructure were starting to reach maximum capacity.

With the exception of domestic processors, business expectations over the coming 12 months are still relatively positive. In many cases more business optimism was voiced in May 2018 compared to February 2018, however, caution should be exercised since these indices have only been calculated twice and certain calculation adjustments have been made.

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