Tasmania timber market growth

Wednesday 19 Sep 2018

For years, Tasmania's forest sector was marred by conflict, contraction and change. - Now, timber is back in fashion, demand from interstate is growing and Tasmanian processors are starting to cash in.

Tasmania's forestry industry and the families who worked in it were pushed to the brink by the high Australian dollar, conservation protests, bad investment, and corporate collapse.

Now there are signs of growth in the industry. Timber is being looked at in new ways, said architect Robert Morris-Nunn.

"Yes, it's starting to happen, we're on the cusp of a substantial change in the way people think," he said.

He's talking about tall buildings not just featuring timber … but being constructed from it.

"Practically all the major buildings that are happening in Sydney and Melbourne, commercial buildings, where you're up to about 20 storeys …it's all timber," said Mr Morris-Nunn.

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Source: ABC News

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