Artifical intelligence will create new jobs

Wednesday 26 Sep 2018

The jobs AI is creating - In some workplaces intelligence is in short supply.An influx of artificial intelligence is helping address this deficiency - but don’t think robots behind the counter stealing jobs. Think simpler – it’s likely, particularly in financial services, AI use will appear largely in the form of things like digital assistants, tools to manage personal finances and automated decisions and offers.

Indeed, what goes unreported is the kind of skills workplaces will need when the changes wrought by AI make their way through organisations – the kind of skills only people, with jobs, can provide.

Displaced - The phrase “fourth industrial revolution” was first used in 2016 by the World Economic Forum. It is now upon us and will have significant impacts on the employee of the (not-to-distant) future.

There will be job displacement and it would be naive to think there won’t be - mostly by removing manual tasks. HOWEVER - and that’s in caps for a reason - jobs will be created which do not exist today as work moves up the value chain.

Analyst group Gartner predicts in 2020 AI will move into the black on the employment scale, creating 2.3 million jobs while eliminating 1.8 million.

As ANZ chief economist Richard Yetsenga puts it, technology is “part of the problem but also part of the solution”.

“Everybody agrees we will see tremendous disruption in labor markets but there is still a debate about who will win,” he says.

At many organisations an inevitable result of the growth of AI will be the need to take new operational models into account. Workforces will become liquid and disaggregated, among other things.

Both AI, virtual reality and new technologies are included in the upcoming FIEA ForestTECH conference series. As part of the conference series, in addition, app developers Taqtile Inc from Seattle and Microsoft will discuss the very real opportunities these technologies offer forestry companies down under.

This year’s FIEA ForestTECH 2018 conference series is designed to get local forestry companies to really think outside the square. It runs in Rotorua, New Zealand on 14-15 November and in Melbourne, Australia on 20-21 November.

A series of pre-conference workshops that proved so successful at previous events have also been set up for conference delegates the day before each conference runs. Full details can be found on both programmes on the event website,

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Source: ANZ Bluenotes

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