China: Growth in Guangdong Province

Wednesday 24 Oct 2018

Wood product output from plants in Guangdong Province has been steadily increasing in tandem with increased of domestic and international demand.

In 2017 total output from mills in Guangdong Province exceeded 10 million cubic metres. Much of the raw material is available locally and the standing forest stock in Guangdong Province is over 600 million cubic metres say analysts.

The expansion of wood processing industries in Guangdong Province has driven investment in forestry and an increase in timber imports and advances in recycling and residue utilisation.

The total value of wood product output in Guangdong province in 2017 was RMB802.3 billion, a year on year increase of 4% and accounting for 12% of the national total.

It is estimated that there are more than 20,000 wood processing plants in Guangdong employing some 3 million people and this sector has contributed to economic development and social stability in Guangdong Province.

Log imports are an important source of raw materials for wood processing plants in Guangdong Province accounting for over 50% of raw material requirements. In 2017 about 63 million cubic metres (log equivalent) were imported with about a quarter of this transported from Heilongjiang, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Jiangsu Provinces.

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