Technology transforming BC forestry

Wednesday 24 Oct 2018

How technology is transforming forest industry in western Canada: Video just released - For forest companies, like TimberWest in British Columbia, the health of the trees and associated ecosystems are paramount. From seedling to maturity, the trees must be monitored and any problems addressed. The way in which this monitoring happens is changing dramatically through the convergence of new sensing technologies such as LiDAR, and the ability to deploy sensing technology using drones.

Once used only for air space and meteorological research, LiDAR (commonly referred to as airborne laser scanning) is now being used for forest research to more accurately examine everything from the height and diameter of trees to ground terrain evaluation and plot-level wood volume estimates.

In the just-released video Forest for the Trees: How technology is transforming BC’s forest industry, University of British Columbia (UBC) forestry professor Dr. Nicholas Coops emphasises LiDAR and drone use are just two more recent examples of the forest sectors technological revolution, and the types of technology incorporated into every-day forest management.

Dr Coops was a speaker in the recent ForestTECHX Vancouver conference organised and run by Innovatek in conjunction with Logging & Sawmilling Journal in March this year. This world-leading forest technology and management conference drew a wide international audience of technical foresters from as far away as the New Zealand, Australia, Chile and the UK.

The next forest technology conference scheduled for Vancouver in our Innovatek series is HarvestTECHX, running on 12-13 March 2019. This event sold out when it was last run in BC in 2016. For more details see

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Source: TimberWest & Innovatek

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