Michael Green: Can Future Cities be Timber Cities?

Wednesday 24 Oct 2018

At the turn of the century in the United States, when cities were booming and new construction changed city skylines daily, wood was a common building material. As fires plagued early cities, however, a shift towards steel and concrete as more trusted construction materials—both mass energy consumers and non-renewable resources— became commonplace. Michael Green, one of the world’s leading experts in building skyscrapers out of wood and principal architect at Michael Green Architecture (MGA), hopes to change that.

Cross laminated timber, a common building material for MGA, is as strong as steel and fire resistant. The panels are engineered and designed with cross directional grains that increase the weight bearing potential of the beam and allow single columns to run through multiple floors. Once these prefabricated materials are shipped to a construction site, they don’t require any cutting or machinery to assemble and can be quickly fastened with hand tools, drastically decreasing the noise and air pollution generated by the construction.

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Source: Archdaily

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