Salt: Carbon fund launched

Wednesday 14 Nov 2018

Salt’s Carbon Fund Debuts on the NZX - Ticker code confirmed as CO2 – Salt Investment Funds Limited (Salt) is proud to be listing New Zealand’s first-ever Carbon Fund (Fund) on the NZX today, which will trade under the ticker code ‘CO2’.

Salt has initially raised more than $1 million in applications from a diverse group of retail and institutional investors. The Fund is open-ended and will continue to accept applications with a strong pipeline of interest.

Paul Harrison, Managing Director of Salt, said: “We want to acknowledge and welcome all our initial investors in the Carbon Fund, and we look forward to receiving ongoing applications.

“There has been a healthy level of interest and support. This is uncharted territory for many investors, so we are particularly pleased with the result.

“We are receiving interest in the fund from three broad investor categories: those seeking to invest in the future price of carbon as a commodity; those with a financial risk exposed to a higher price on carbon; and those who want to contribute to slowing climate change.

“Listing the fund on the NZX is about providing investors with a transparent and dynamic trading environment, which in turn will build a stronger understanding of the investor market for carbon,” said Mr Harrison.

“We started work on bringing a Carbon Fund to market more than six years ago. Now is the right time to be doing this – ahead of the significant social, economic, environmental and technological change coming in response to our warming climate,” he added.

The fund’s risk rating is calculated as high. Salt encourages any interested investor to seek independent financial advice before making any investment decision. Investors can continue to invest directly in the Carbon Fund

The Carbon Fund is managed by Salt Investment Funds Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Salt Funds Management Limited. The Product Disclosure Statement can be found on

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