Almost finally ... ABs post-match comments

Wednesday 21 Nov 2018

Over the weekend some very dark clouds assembled (no, not the ones bringing flooding to Otago) as the Irish put the boot in to beat the All Blacks.

Because it generally occurs so rarely, defeat for the All Blacks often sees context lost, with many immediately diving off the deep end. Normally, this would include a barrage of scorching arm-chair criticism debating the parentage of one or more of the match officials, but alas, we appear to have come of age (or the best team won on the day, fair and square).

My 30 minute search unearthed commentary that is almost poetic compared to the usual outbursts ... and it was all from ABs fans. See what you think ... I thought it was intriguing and downright humorous.

On Ireland’s win over the All-Blacks:

"Stop kicking the ball away. Win your set pieces. Stop kicking the ball away. Keep possession. Stop kicking the ball away. Unleash once you have worn them down."

"Good haul from the TAB today, support with your heart, bet with your head ..."

"NZ had the weight advantage in the scrum yet couldn't push the Irish back. The women's team would have provided stiffer opposition. On the rare occasion when the ABs had the ball it was fumbled, dropped or once again simply kicked away into the waiting arms of the Irish. The next trip to the British Isles needs to be treated as work not a holiday camp."

"Bring back Tana, he knows how to beat an Irishman." (Ed - What happened to 'Bring back Buck'?)

"At the moment I'd say David Beckham is doing the organising. Kick, kick, kick."

"For weeks I’ve been saying the emperor has no clothes. The ABs have been dominated by aggressive fast moving defensive lines and have been clueless to unlock them. Barrett has provided no targets for his forwards, sitting in the pocket and shuffling along until all options disappear and then he kicks poorly out of hand. We have been tactically naive, physically beaten and scrapped through against South Africa and England with some individual brilliance and luck. I’ve been criticised for weeks for my comments as in NZ the All Blacks and their coaches are treated as gods who can’t be criticised. The emperor has no clothes it’s time we all realised it."

"The better team won on the day, only saving grace we played so poorly and still only lost by 7."

"It’s easy - Stop kicking the ball back to the opposition ... Ireland are very good at keeping position, as are the All Blacks ... this kicking back has crept into the game very much this year. Just run it."

"Tough pill to swallow, especially with one eye closed."

"The sun will come up tomorrow, bet ya bottom dollar."


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