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Wednesday 21 Nov 2018

Scion Log Price Outlook - In August, seventy-three people from various parts of New Zealand’s domestic and international forestry products supply chains participated in this outlook. These participants represent a substantial component of the NZ forestry industry. In contrast to the three previous outlooks, longer term log price outlooks remain stable, with no associated expectation of increase after 6-12 months. This may reflect the relative stability seen in the log prices over the past year.

Somewhat more participants expect little immediate adverse movements in log prices (the mean is -2%) for the first time in twelve months. The same respondents anticipate a stable future pricing regime and volumes are also expected to be relatively consistent with perhaps a 2% increase in a year time.

Most of the respondents and forest growers do not expect any impact of the 1 Billion Trees Policy on their business in this year.

China and other export markets are always in the focus of the respondents, however, from a focus on the domestic market and oil prices in May the attention has shifted to the USA-China trade war and the possible consequences.

Figure 1: Wharf log price outlook (A Grade is used as a general proxy)

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If you operate a business anywhere along the forestry products supply chain then please consider casting your vote in our November Outlook. All information is treated as confidential and results are reported anonymously and at an aggregated scale only. The Outlook will be shared exclusively with participants in December and will only become available publicly in January.

Please participate before Friday 30 November.

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