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Tuesday 5 Feb 2019

In the second half of 2018, Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology conducted a forest contractors business review - They did it in collaboration with the Forest Industry Contractors Association (FICA). More than 130 crews were represented, originating from a wide spectrum of operations from across New Zealand.

Approximately 18 per cent of contractors told us the threat of losing key staff and skills were keeping them awake at night, with almost 60 per cent identifying skill shortages as a significant business risk. Insecurity of work also rated high. More than 85 per cent of participants indicated business in 2019 was expected to be similar or slower compared to 2017/2018.

The next business review will run from 8 - 24 February and will include several key questions shared with participants:
  • Do contractors prefer diverse roles in their crew or should operators be specialised?
  • What is the general level of job satisfaction among crew members in New Zealand?
  • Which factors are currently driving the contractor business?
  • What new skills are expected to come into the sector over the next five years?

Forestry contractors who are interested in these questions are invited participate in a 2-minute review by clicking here.

Additional information can be obtained from Toi Ohomai‚Äôs Forestry Operations Programme Manager; Richard Stringfellow (email [email protected]

For more information, click here.

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