Log export market update

Tuesday 5 Feb 2019

Thanks to the team at Champion Freight, we have the latest review of New Zealand's log export markets to the end of December 2018. As you can see in the accompanying graphic, total log export values to China to the end of 2018 are up 18 percent year-on-year, to over NZ$2.7 billion contributing to overall log exports growing 18 percent across all markets. This is despite markets in India (down 7%) and Japan (down 25%) dropping over the year.

To the end of December, China shipments month-on-month were up 7 percent and overall log exports up 4 percent.

(Editor's footnote: China was New Zealand’s top export market for major exports including dairy products ($4.0 billion), logs and wood ($2.9 billion), and meat ($1.9 billion), for the year ended September 2018. The value of these sales has mostly risen over the past three years.)

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