Loggers and foresters love their utes

Wednesday 13 Feb 2019

Indeed, forestry is among the many outdoor industries where a ute is an essential tool for the job. And as the vehicle sales statistics show, we are quite attached to new utes as well with ute sales beating long-time leaders like the Corolla to occupy the top spot in sales numbers.

As an engineer, I’m impressed with the new electronic mirrors on the dash of the Atlis XT truck. Say 'goodbye' to side mirrors. With side cameras replacing the conventional wing mirrors, the Atlis XT has superior viewing angles allowing you to stay in total control of your surroundings. With screens either side of your steering wheel, the screens are large and provide a high quality video feed.

Given that relationship between man and ute, we’re quite sure you would like to see what the future may hold when the workday ute goes electric: Enjoy!

www.atlismotorvehicles.com/xt-truck (Atlis XT Pickup with service body shown below)

www.rivian.com/ (Rivian R1T shown below)

Source: Carbon Match

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