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Wednesday 20 Feb 2019

Forestry promotion strong in holiday break - If you had a genuine rest over the Christmas holiday break and really disconnected from the web and industry news, you may have missed some excellent promotional stories pushing the forestry message.

So, now that you’re back on the job, here are some clips. They all highlight the benefits and contributions our forest industry makes to the country, community, environment and economy.

They also portray some of the exciting career opportunities our industry people offer. It gets even better than that though – we have links on each clip so you can add them to your company’s own promotions/websites.


The first of the Love our Forests television commercials has been running on TV One since June 2018 after being launched at the Forestwood Conference in Wellington. Designed to appeal to a wide audience of New Zealanders who may not know anything about forestry, this commercial covers as many aspects of the industry as can be done in 30 seconds; science and technology, employment, regional development, safety and our status as a clean industry. The challenge was also raised to sheep and beef farming to be acknowledged as New Zealand’s number two primary export earner. The commercial features our industry people from Kaitaia in Northland to Otautau in Southland.


This television commercial, highlighting the environmental benefits of plantation forestry, first appeared in the Face TV series ‘Forest Call’ in August 2018. With a few tweaks it began on TV One and online in December. This commercial is targeting people who may have picked up the myths of plantation forests being dreadful for the environment. The featuring of New Zealand’s most famous wooden structure, Wellington’s Old Government Building, illustrates that forest carbon sequestration goes on well past the life of the tree the timber came from. We got Liza Stanbra, the Scion scientist who showed off how pure forest rivers were for the original 2016 Love our Forests poster, to reprise her role for this video. A logging crew went through the site just the day before our film crew and we were lucky there were some shots left to take.


A 15 second version of the forestry promotion environmental advocacy commercial was edited to go to air on TV One starting in January 2019. This advertisement features a drone shot of the under- construction wooden-engineered Beatrice Tinsley Building at Canterbury University. The commercial shows off whio and kokako at home in our plantation forests to address some of the negative myths about planted forests circulating in society.


This 15 second television commercial, which began featuring on TV One in January 2019, concentrates on the economic and recreational opportunities in forestry, while also mentioning environmental benefits. We had thought of including some of the non-timber forest products in this commercial, but decided that showing off a hunter carrying a pig on his back may not go down too well with some delicate urban viewers.


Acknowledging the vital importance of recruitment into the forest industry, this 15 second commercial went to air on TV One in January 2019, and illustrates the range of forest industry jobs that are available to young people, from people actually in the forest to working in the laboratory on biosecurity technology. The underlying theme to the public at large is still that our planted forest industry is beneficial both economically and environmentally.

Source: Forest Owners Association

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