MobileTECH: Key Speakers for 2019 Event

Wednesday 20 Feb 2019

Our upcoming conference MobileTECH 2019, aims to highlight some of the brightest minds and exciting technologies changing our primary sector. We have pulled together a strong programme for 2019, featuring a wide range of local and international technology and industry leaders. Here is a brief introduction to a couple of keynotes:

Yasir Khokhar, CEO of Connecterra
Based out of the Netherlands, his mission has been to ‘build an artificial intelligence that will grow food sustainably to feed future generations’.

Sarah Nolet, CEO, Agthentic
She is a a global trailblazer based in Australia. “I'm really looking forward to speaking at MobileTECH 2019 about how we can continue to bridge the gap between ag and tech, as well as enable more collaborations between Australia and NZ.”

Russell Craig, National Technology Officer, Microsoft NZ
His focus will be on how digital innovations are transforming the NZ economy. “NZ is world-leading digital nation. I'm excited to see all the digital opportunities and innovation happening across our primary industries.”

Andrew Bate, Australian farmer & founder of SwarmFarm Robotics
Andrew developed the SwarmBot, a platform of robotic machines which can ‘talk’ to one another and work in swarms to autonomously plant, weed and undertake pest control.

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