Conference: Farm forestry sets new direction

Wednesday 1 May 2019

The upcoming Farm Forestry Association Conference on 16-20 May in Rotorua will begin to chart a new direction and reformation for new and existing members.

Small scale forestry is likely to have a major role in sustainable land use for New Zealand's future says conference organising chairman Graham West.

"Many issues are aligning and giving clear direction the future economic model for land use will need to integrate more tree crops."

Rising market demand for environmental stewardship and sustainable products has accelerated Government policy toward a trend that will incentivise or regulate for change to land use that have better strategic positioning for future generations.

The conference has a great speaker lineup:

  • Steve Wilton, from the Forest Growers Levy Board, will outline who are the small-scale owners that now contribute 25-30% of the Levy
  • Te Taru White will offer insights on what role there is for Maori in small scale forestry
  • Professor Bruce Manley will report on the status of small-scale forests and what are the expected impacts on wood supply
  • Susan Kilsby, ANZ economist, will explore what are the major economic drivers of a good forestry investment
  • Kim von Lanthen, from ForestX, will explain new financial structures and private funding sources for forest investment
  • Ruth Fairhall, Te Uru Rakau, will present the government policy’s and incentives that provide encouragement for small forest growers
  • Emeritus Professor Warwick Silvester will talk about shifting the narrative on native forests

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