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Wednesday 19 Jun 2019

Shane Jones dodges questions over jobs created - Shane Jones won't say how many full-time, long-term jobs have been created under the $3 billion Provincial Growth Fund (PGF).

A spokesperson from Jones's office said on Thursday 900 jobs had been created to date, including 52.5 under the 'One Billion Trees' programme. But the spokesperson didn't have the number of new full-time, long-term job statistics on hand.

The National Party's spokesperson, Paul Goldsmith, said Jones's office had refused to provide him details about exactly how many jobs had been created, with job details of only 36 percent of projects provided to him.

In a press release on Thursday, Jones said more than 160 workers had been referred to forestry employers as part of a push to support the 2019 planting season.

"Through the One Billion Trees Programme we are supporting training initiatives across the country that will help build a sustainable, domestic workforce in the coming years."

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