Update: China wood products exports

Wednesday 26 Jun 2019

China’s wood products trade continues to expand - According to the data of China Customs, the total value of China’s wood products trade rose 6% to US$163.5 billion in 2018. Of the total, the value of wood products exports rose 3% to US$81.6 billion, and imports grew 8% to US$ 83.7 billion.

China mainly exported wooden furniture, paper, paperboard and paper products, other wood products and plywood. The value of China’s wooden furniture exports rose 1% to US$22.9 billion.

The value of other wood products such as flooring exports grew 12% to US$6.9 billion .China’s plywood exports were 11.33 million cubic metres valued at US$5.546 billion, a year on year increase of 5% in volume and 9% in value.

Source: ITTO TTM Report

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