Komatsu Forest showcases 2020 features

Wednesday 26 Jun 2019

In conjunction with SkogsNolia, Komatsu Forest will launch an upgraded product range, with the majority of the machines new. The machines are equipped with a brand-new engine installation conforming to the latest emission legislation.

The new, future-proof control system, MaxiXT, will also be launched. Alongside these, the company will present a number of quality improvements and new functions to simplify day-to-day tasks for machine operators and to increase profitability. These include the new MaxiVision service, which takes production planning to a whole new level.

All 2020 harvester models have been upgraded, from the agile Komatsu 901 thinning harvester through the bestselling eight-wheel Komatsu 931XC to the stately Komatsu 951. Among the forwarders, the three largest – the Komatsu 855, 875 and 895 models – have been upgraded.

One standout feature is the brand-new engine installation, which conforms to the latest emission legislation (Stage V). It also offers many other benefits, such as an all-new AdBlue system, a new exhaust system and hydraulic tappets. Despite the new, larger engine installation, the machine boasts the same slim design with good all-round visibility and views – right down to the wheels.

Another new announcement is the MaxiXT control system, the machine's nervous system, controlling everything from the engine to the crane and the head. In connection with this, the Automatic Central Lubrication option is now integrated with MaxiXT, making it easy to monitor from the cab. What's more, on harvesters the grease tank has been doubled in size, meaning less refilling for the operator.

MaxiXT brings with it improved anti-theft measures as the operator must log in to the system to start the machine, or else use a remote key with a unique operator ID. Yet another added feature is the ability to record signal sequences to send to support, for simpler and speedier troubleshooting.

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