More 1993 forest investors feeling deflated

Wednesday 14 Aug 2019

Arbor Forestry investors were told to expect big returns from growing trees, but the real value of their 30-year investments has barely moved.

Investor Cheryl Hampton has been told to expect $13,139 for each of her two units in the limited liability partnership (LLP) that owns Brockville Forest should Arbor get the go-ahead to sell the forest.

It's a far cry from the $60,000-$80,000 projected returns on each unit Hampton recalls being shown in 1993 when the forestry investment boom was in full swing.

It's bitterly disappointing to her that the investment has only very narrowly bested inflation. In terms of spending power, her $7600 in 1993 equates to around $12,680 in today's dollar terms.

After investors failed to back Arbor's first attempt to sell the eight forests it managed (Greenoch, Bradwood, McQuade, Brockville, Braemore, Northwood, Rosedale and Pinehills) to the Spectrum forestry group in July, Arbor called for a second vote in a bid to sell five of the forests including Bradwood and Brockville, to Spectrum.

That vote closed last Friday.

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Source: Stuff news

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