Q1-2019: International log exports to China

Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

German log exports to China soar - In the January-May period, log imports to China from Russia declined 26.2 percent year-over-year to 3.6 million m3 with import value dropped by 27.2 percent to $439.8 million, according to China Customs data.

US log exports to China fell 39.5 percent to 1.6 million m3, export value decreased 44.6 percent to US$338.4 million. The share of Russia in Chinese log imports slid 4.97 percentage points to 14.3 percent and share of US dropped 4.16 percentage points to 6.5 percent.

From January through May, log imports to China from New Zealand expanded 15.4 percent to 7.4 million m3 with import value surged 13.2 percent to US$1.04 billion. Australian log exports to China jumped 29.9 percent to 2.5 million m3, while average price declined 18.5 percent to US$109 per m3.

Log exports from Germany to China soared 243.0 percent to 959.0 thousand m3, average price fell 39.8 percent to US$153 per m3.

Total Chinese log imports slid 0.59 percent to 24.9 million m3, while average price decreased 12.1 percent to US$169 per m3.

Source: International Forest Industries

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