Logs tumbled in July; recovered in August

Wednesday 28 Aug 2019

From StatsNZ - Log prices tumble in China - Log exports fell $67 million (19 percent). Eighty percent of logs exported in the last year went to China.

Values to China fell $39 million (15 percent) as prices fell, after a period of relative stability. The quantity exported to China rose 5.9 percent. The average value of logs sent to China has dropped from almost $180 per cubic metre at the start of the calendar year to less than $140 per cubic metre in July.

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Source: Statistics NZ

Now to bring you up to date for August, we have the RNZ Rural Report on radio here is the latest log market update from earlier this week:

"After taking a big tumble last month, log prices have recovered slightly ... "

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Source: RadioNZ

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