Log export markets: Monthly update

Wednesday 4 Sep 2019

Update: Log export markets - This week we've got our monthly update from the Champion Freight team. In short monthly shipments to China were down in value, but only compared to 2018 - they were still much greater than previous years. It bears pointing out that the month of July 2018 was the second highest log export value month on record at over $350.9 million after March 2019 at $389.2 million. Back in 2015 or 2016 those values took 2 months to achieve.

The chart shows total log export values to China year-on-year to the end of July were up 15 percent year- on-year contributing to overall log exports growing 9 percent across all markets compared to the same period last year.

Month-on-month to the end of July, shipments to China were down 8 percent; shipments to India were down 25 percent and shipments to South Korea were down 23 percent, bringing overall log exports down 19 percent.

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