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Wednesday 4 Sep 2019

Waratah is pleased to announce new web pages to further provide the industry’s most comprehensive commitment to forestry customers.

The new sites extend the reach of our global web page with exclusive regional web pages that complement our extensive support team expertise and retail locations to better serve our local customers and their needs. provides a one-stop location for best-in-class product information, support, parts access, and detailed information on forestry services and used equipment we offer forestry customers in Australia, New Zealand or even Africa or Asia. [link: ]

On this site you’ll find we offer harvesters, processors – but also everything from cranes, control systems, grapples, and used equipment. Find out what we offer to suit your business needs.

Here also you’ll find information on connecting with our dedicated support team, training workshops, simulators, and even rebuilding services and used equipment.

If it’s just parts you’re after the new on-line retail parts page provides a one-stop location - further reinforcing our 24/7/365 commitment from our dedicated parts professionals in getting all parts to all parts: (

Here we offer professional account management, unrivalled parts availability, and dynamic dispatch, and you can be confident we’ll get you the part you need, right where and when you need it.

Check out our new sites and rest assured, these are fully backed by our dedicated team of forestry support professionals with you every step of the way.

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