Scion log price outlook

Wednesday 16 Oct 2019

Summary of most recent survey -Sixty people from various parts o f New Zealand’s domestic and international forest products supply chains participated in this outlook. These participants represent a substantial component of the NZ forestry industry.

The export log price dropped by $26/m3 from May 2019 to Aug 2019, with the lowest monthly price of unpruned export logs at $106/m3 in July, including a drop of -$15USD in just 1 week.

Respondents expect the price to increase at a steady rate over the next twelve months to about $118/ m3, and probably stabilise at a much lower price level than in recent quarters. Volumes are now anticipated to also follow price loss with a 6% decrease in the next 3 months, but reach the August 2019 volumes in 6 months’ time.

Graph: Forestry business expectations outlook for different segments and markets over Aug 2019 to Aug 2020 and wharf log price outlook (A Grade is used as a general proxy)

Download pdf survey summary with long-term trend graphs.

Source: Scion

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