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Wednesday 23 Oct 2019

Sometimes we should just let a bad idea die - The editors behind the new ideas 'TreeHugger' website have always been proud to display diverse views. Derek Markham was excited about the Wattway solar roadway built in France, while I have always thought the idea was nuts. Readers complained, "This is an innovative idea. It's refreshing to see such original ideas out in the world." Sami stood with Derek and the readers, and noted, "First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they post your crowdfunding video. And then... well, let's just wait and see."

A year ago I noted that the Wattway road was generating half as much energy as expected, and again readers complained that I am rushing to judgement: "Lloyd, would you please stop bashing these solar roads? Eventually they will figure it out or it will spawn some other great green solution."

But sometimes, perhaps we should just acknowledge when something is a dumb idea and move on. According to Le Monde and Popular Mechanics, the Wattway solar road has been declared a complete flop. Driving over it made so much noise that they had to drop the speed limit to 70 km/hr.

Le Monde describes the road as "pale with its ragged joints," with "solar panels that peel off the road and the many splinters that enamel resin protecting photovoltaic cells." It's a poor sign for a project that French government invested in to the tune of €5 million, or $5,546,750.

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Source: Treehugger

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