Scion log price outlook

Wednesday 13 Nov 2019

Scion's 19th Log Outlook Survey - Have your say. In the most recent survey, sixty people from across the NZ forest products supply chains participated in this outlook. These participants represent a substantial component of the NZ forestry industry.

The export log price dropped by $26/m3 from May 2019 to Aug 2019, with the lowest monthly price of unpruned export logs at $106/m3 in July, including a drop of -$15USD in just 1 week. Respondents expect the price to increase at a steady rate over the next twelve months to about $118/ m3, and probably stabilise at a much lower price level than in recent quarters. Volumes are now anticipated to also follow price loss with a 6% decrease in the next 3 months, but reach the August 2019 volumes in 6 months’ time.

If you operate a business anywhere along the forestry products supply chain then please consider casting your vote in our November Outlook. All information is treated as confidential and results are reported anonymously and at an aggregated scale only. The Outlook will be shared exclusively with participants in December and will only become available publicly in January.

Please participate before Tuesday November 26th.

Figure 1: Wharf log price outlook (A Grade is used as a general proxy)

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