Fines in East Coast flood aftermath

Wednesday 27 Nov 2019

Juken Fined for RMA breach - Juken was sentenced recently in Gisborne District Court for discharges of slash, logging debris, waste logging material and/or sediment to watercourses arising from harvesting of radiata pine trees at Waituna Forest.

The discharges occurred following major rainfall events on 3 and 4 and 11 and 12 June 2018 at Waituna Forest, 30 kilometres southwest of Gisborne. Juken was sentenced under Sections 338(1)(a) and 15(1)(b) of the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA).

The company was fined $152,000. The Judge also awarded Court costs of $130, and that the Council’s legal costs be set by the Registrar. During sentencing, the Judge adopted a starting point of $200,000. From that, the Judge ordered a 5% reduction as a result of remedial actions taken post the event, and a 20% reduction for the company’s early guilty plea.

Juken expresses sincere regret for its failure to comply with the law in this instance, and for the damage caused. Juken self-reported the discharge and cooperated with the Council at all times. Genuine efforts were also taken to carry out remedial works required in an expeditious manner.

To date, Juken has expended approximately $600,000 remediating the damage caused and the only affected land owner is satisfied with Juken’s actions and efforts. The company spokesperson sats Juken is committed to ensuring complete compliance with all Resource Consent conditions moving forward and to relationships of trust and confidence with the Council and all of its neighbours.

Juken continues to work hard in and for the community and is one of the leaders in forestry in terms of the action and investment it has made to prevent damage from forest slash.

The company has no forestry plantations related to any of the damage that Tolaga Bay suffered in June last year.

Juken is conducting a detailed review of the judgment released earlier today, in conjunction with its legal advisers.

Source: Juken

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