Shane Jones and David Henry confused

Wednesday 22 Jan 2020

A forestry company with close links to New Zealand First says it made a presentation to Shane Jones about the project it was seeking a $15 million government loan for, months before Mr Jones says he first heard of it.

Mr Jones has said he first heard about a bid by New Zealand Future Forest Products for Provincial Growth Fund money in October and immediately wrote to the Prime Minister declaring a conflict of interests because directors at the company have close ties to his party.

But the company's PGF application form says the project was discussed with Mr Jones in a presentation before the bid was submitted on April 8.

Mr Jones has issued a statement to RNZ saying the presentation never happened. But NZFFP director David Henry says the presentation was a meeting he personally had with Mr Jones in Wellington. To hear more on this story listen to investigative journalist Guyon Espiner.

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Source: RNZ


Really, this is a political story, not wood business story, so we will leave it there. To read more on the political angle we refer you to the insight of veteran political journalist Richard Harman with this:

"The political year has not even begun. But already Shane Jones is making headlines for a possible conflict of interest over his meeting with people associated with NZ First over a forestry investment and his forthright comments on vegans."

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